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Human Resource Forms

Important Human Resources Forms

Human Resources: Certificate of Disability Form
Human Resources: Leave Without Pay Request Form
Human Resources: Request for Maternity Leave
Human Resources: Resignation Form
Human Resources: Sabbatical (Medical) Leave Forms
Human Resources: Sabbatical (Study) Leave Form
Human Resources: Professional Leave/Travel Request Form 
Human Resources: FMLA Leave Form
Human Resources: Name Address Telephone Change Form

Teacher Transfer Request 2018-2019

1. Transfer request information should be distributed to all teachers the first week of February.  The transfer process for 2018-2019 will be conducted solely through Caddo's TalentEd portal on Caddo's website.

2. Teachers should be advised of transfer procedures in a faculty meeting prior to the transfer application window. Please make sure that you have one scheduled. A complete packet of transfer request information should also be posted on the faculty bulletin board (or an area easily accessible to all teachers). IMPORTANT: The transfer requests are to be completed online, by the teacher requesting the transfer.

3. Teachers should submit completed forms through the website NO LATER THAN MARCH 1, 2018.

4. Only teachers requesting transfers are to submit applications.

5. Principals should inform their respective personnel administrator with a recommendation of any transferees they are requesting.

6. Teachers will be informed by the Certified Personnel Department when transfers are granted.

7. The last date for transfers for the 2018-2019 school year will be June 30, 2018.